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Who is ITATI and what it do as a job?

ITATI is a branch of E.T.S. Group of Companies, founded in 1970. ITATI deals to devise, create and produce textiles for the gadget, souvenirs and promotional

Where is ITATI?

ITATI is in Cavaria, in the area of Varese (Italy). The headquarter of ITATI has a manufacturing and commercial area of approximately 7000 sqm.

Why should I choose ITATI as supplier?

ITATI is a leader in the creation and production of items for the gadget industry, souvenir and promotion. ITATI represents the strength of a multi-twenty years of industrial experience, combined with a continuous evolution of ideas and products to "keep pace with the times" and the fashions.
The professionalism of the service, the competence, the creativity and reliability have enabled ITATI to be well deserving of the good reputation which accompanies it.

What's the minimum order?

The minimum order is 10 pieces per item, for a total of 100 pieces.

What are the delivery times?

The ITATI warehouses are constantly renewed. ITATI therefore guarantees to handle your order in 24/48 hours.

How are products packaged?

The products are packed in PVC bags individually or in bags of 10 pieces, depending on your needs, and shipped in boxes carefully assembled.

In which kind of material are the ITATI products and in which way are they printed?

Most ITATI products are made of 100% polyester and are printed with an innovative, indelible and intangible technique. Part of the products are made of cotton and printed with the technique of transfer.

At what temperature can the ITATI products be washed?

Most ITATI products can be washed at 50° C. Thanks to the strength and resistance to washing, the ITATI products have a high durability.

The ITATI products can be personalized?

Yes, all ITATI products can be, on demand, personalized. We require a minimum of 1,000 pieces per item. This does not exclude the possibility of providing smaller quantities at different prices and budgeted.

Which kind of advantage bring a ITATI promotional product?

Most of the articles proposed by ITATI are fully printable. This allows, therefore, to fully personalize your graphics with the selected item, making your promotion of high visual impact and success.
ITATI also aims to offer its customers a comprehensive set of services essential for good business communication, following them step by step in the implementation: from the choice of the product that best meets client’s requirements, to the creation of brand image, to the implementation of graphics. In 72 hours ITATI is able to provide samples to be proposed to the client, who can assess not only "on paper" the end result of his promotion.

Can ITATI create tourist products for specific locations?

Yes, on request ITATI can design and create drawings made specifically for special tourist areas, both in Italy and abroad. Once implemented graphic proposals, they will be submitted to the client who will assess what will better represent the resort to promote.

Does ITATI also export abroad?

Yes, ITATI is known throughout the world and its brand has become internationally synonymous of creativity made in Italy. ITATI currently exports to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Are ITATI products made in Italy?

The ITATI products are guaranteed 100% products in Italy.
ITATI is synonymous of TRUE Made in Italy: ITATI doesn’t limited itself to design, create and implement the design in Italy, but the entire production of ITATI is in Italy, in the area between Milan and Varese.